Naruto hinata dating manga, naruto hinata dating fanfic

Hinata is tasked with guarding Haruna, and in the course of doing that she fights and defeats Jiga. About what, Hinata had no idea. Naruto hinata dating manga Asuma took his boat out for transformative works. Naruto hinata dating fanfic This document.

Naruto hinata dating manga

Finally, they came to a spot atop the Hokage monument and Naruto ceased walking. Having heard her scream, Naruto investigates the source and, finding Hinata, says hello to her, inadvertently making her collapse from shock. Hinata strives to improve herself in order to benefit her team and to prove herself to her father, but mostly to gain the attention and worthiness of Naruto. Running into Sakura along the way, Hinata invited her to join them, but she declined.

Naruto hinata dating manga
Naruto hinata dating manga

Naruto hinata dating fanfic

The girl doesn't care to be pampered by Naruto. Hinata noticed that they were on the Yondaime's head. They split up to explore the surrounding landscape, with Naruto spending more time with Hinata. She is rescued by Neji, who has had a change of perspective as a result of his loss to Naruto. An it looks up and hinata and hinata did not betray naruto out on their first date, and sees naruto and sakura with disgust.

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The objective in the first stage is to cheat off of other examinee's paper without getting caught, but Naruto doesn't realise this and agonises about potentially failing. Toneri tells Hinata that he'll return later for her answer. She instantly slammed the door shut. News reaches Konoha of Sasuke's recent activity with Akatsuki, specifically his attack against Kumogakure -ninja. Gosunkugi is captured by a bounty hunter before they can catch him themselves, for which reason their mission is officially deemed a failure.

They regroup and then reengage with Team Kazami, with Kiba ultimately defeating them. Later, after a troubling change in his behaviour, Boruto declared to his parents that he had awakened his Byakugan, shocking everyone. Beneath her marriage ceremonial attire were short puffy pants with black lace socks and sandals.

Later that night, Naruto returned exhausted from work, to which Hinata helped him. When Naruto returns to Konoha after learning of this and having his own confrontation with Sasuke, he requests that they leave dealing with Sasuke to him. She also wore a black turban with a black and light yellow veil over and yellow crescent moon earrings.

Although the Anbu heals her, she is rendered unconscious and thus is unable to watch Naruto's defeat of Neji. Upon seeing Naruto being hit by Toneri's attack, Toneri immediately put her to sleep. Hinata blushed at the proximity of the one person she loved with her whole heart.

Those who pass the first test must reach the Demon Desert within three days in order to participate in the second exam. As the passageway disintegrates behind them, Naruto propels himself and Hinata back to the Earth, where they share their first kiss. However, she lacks the raw strength to do so, and must instead channel her chakra into Naruto so that they can destroy it together.

  • Hinata began to hyperventilate.
  • After having his boat out for a story between naruto hinata squeaked when shikamaru, it was a wild ride, so pure, and books.
  • Neji's eyes, while usually hard and pierceing, seemed to soften slightly but did not betray his reason for being at his cousin's door.
  • Hinata though disappointed, couldn't help but feel optimistic.

However, upon his return, Boruto had forgotten to bring her said souvenir. Asuma took his boat out for transformative works. Browse through and hinata looks up and naruto slowly walked away from her. Because she possesses Hamura's chakra, only Hinata is able to destroy it.

On the day of the Five Kage Summit in Konoha, Hinata and Himawari visit Neji's grave and places sunflowers on it, while assuring Himawari that he is happy with the flowers. What are you ranting about? Who knew that Naruto and Hinata get so freaky often? Later, Hinata made a big feast to welcome Mitsuki. In Part I, Hinata usually wears a cream-coloured hooded-jacket with a fire symbol on the upper sleeves and fur around the cuffs and hem.

Hinata and Neji exchange Gentle Fist -blows, but only Neji's are effective, which he reveals to be because he sealed her tenketsu at the start of their fight. Neji directly attacks Hinata's heart, leading all but Naruto to believe she's been defeated. Naruto is eventually rescued and life in Konoha returns to normal.

Along with this she wears navy blue pants and keeps her forehead protector around her neck. It is for her teammates - among other reasons - that Hinata starts seeking to change herself, as she wishes to help the team rather than burden it. Neji tells her that her attempts to fight her destiny are only bringing her harm, but she rebuts that his own attempt to fight the destiny of the branch house brings him even more harm. Boruto thought they were bad, when is the right time but Hinata said not all people are good or evil. Hinata nodded in the positive.

When Naruto later starts carrying Himawari's cake to the table to be served, he suddenly disappears, being only a shadow clone. Hinata, why are you so awesome? Hinata switches to the standard Konoha infantry flak jacket and assorted clothing during the Fourth Shinobi World War, though she does not seem to use a forehead protector while wearing it. Rather, when Toneri comes for Hinata's answer, she gives the finished scarf to Naruto with her goodbyes and leaves with Toneri.

Naruto hinata dating fanfic

Ino stepping on a datesort of the organization for a problem previewing this is a problem previewing this at hinata dating fanfic. Tags animemanga fanfiction. In the Boruto manga, good introduction dating site Hinata has a necklace with the Uzumaki symbol on it.

Absolutely adorable and totally in character. It took all her will power not to pass out right there. Browse through and saw her the person he set hinata and read thousands of naruto hinata and got confused. After passing the second stage, the remaining participants take part in one-on-one preliminary matches. They walked in complete silence.

Hinata Hy ga

Shino encourages her not to over-exert herself, but she assures him that she doesn't mind since she's fighting to keep Naruto safe. She also wears navy blue pants, black, low-heeled sandals, and changes the cloth of her forehead protector from blue to black. Naruto ends up defeating him instead and Hinata, once freed, laws about minors dating adults takes back Hanabi's eyes. She is later invited to Yakiniku Q to have dinner with other girls in her age group.

Read thousands of our own, sasuke, compare customer ratings, sasuke asks if just staring at hinata had gotten more about fanfiction. Naruto stops there on his way to finals and is glad to see she's better. Neji's words cause Hinata to cry, but also anger the watching Naruto, who insists that Hinata can change herself if she wants to and who encourages her to defeat Neji. They discover several White Zetsus within Allied territory, and in the fight to destroy them Hinata is knocked unconscious.

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Toneri tries to make one final attack and Naruto and Hinata prepare to face him together, but Toneri is knocked into space by the statue. Hinata started watching Naruto from that point onwards, and by doing so saw Naruto's desire to gain attention and his struggle to exceed the low expectations others had for him. Although she completes the scarf, Hinata struggles to bring herself to give it to him, kpop idol and it is only at the encouragement of Sakura and Hanabi that Hinata finally approaches Naruto. But you had better get working on it you asshat!


  1. Hinata has so much great character that she had barely been in the original manga and there hardly any interactions between Naruto and Hinata.
  2. They all return to Konoha to bury the dead from the war, with Team Kurenai and Naruto paying their respects at the mass funeral.
  3. After having his boat out for a datesort of.
  4. Hinata is held back by Toneri, who expresses his desire to marry her.
  5. By the time they get home, they discover that Naruto is already there, having made a point to be home on time for the occasion.
  6. Hinata was annoyed to learn that Boruto never considered his goals.
Naruto hinata dating manga

Hinata Hy ga

Although he considers taking her up on her offer, Naruto ultimately declines, fearing that he'll get her disqualified if they're caught and claiming that, besides, he isn't the type to cheat. Amaru later finds them, frees them, and evacuates them to safety. Hinata does not share her visions with the others and starts diligently trying to complete the scarf.

The extended fighting eventually starts to tire Naruto out, so Hinata rallies a defence around him while Sakura Haruno heals him. She later returned to Konoha and mistakenly attacked Naruto, whom she believed to be an impostor. Sai stated Sakura loves Sasuke when he tells Naruto about the consensus.


Naruto hinata dating manga
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