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One can go on and on about this! He has correctly mentioned Nuwara Eliya Hills of Sri Lanka as trikuta parvat as congregation of three mountain ranges, when facilities of areal survey was unavailable. There is a lengthy discussion about the features of society that existed in different Yugas. Rather it is an evolving tradition.

Monkeys are called Kapi or markata in sanskrit, not vanara. Now do we all need to spend next posts debating about it? Guru Maa Seema ji is forever ready to serve her valuable guests in additional courteous method with black magic.

Though the story contains minor variations compared to the story told in the Srimad Ramayana, those episodes describe the story of Sri Rama in full. First, have we done enough to excavate such things and are we satisfied with our efforts in searching such objects. Take a look at the image release by their space shuttle. Generations of researchers have combined the study of the two texts with data from astronomy, schweiz dating sites archaeology and paleogeography.

Feeding the observations of the planetary configurations into the Planetarium software gives us the English calendar dates when these configurations could have occurred in the past. May be it will give you an insight on the limitatons of archaeology in this field. Encyclopedia of Britannica.

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The Epic Riddle Of Dating Ramayana Mahabharata

Archaeological Astronomical Historical Evidence of Ramayana
  • Decision of blasting Ramsethu just for financial purpose is really unfortunate and will be great loss to Hindu religeous belief.
  • Which also reinforces the claim that in satya and treta yugas people had longevity of many times more than the people of kaliyuga.
  • And I am not making an emotional statement here.
  • Rarer is Mars in the middle of them.
  • Most of them have not even been translated into English yet from the old Sanskrit.
Birth date of Rama

After surveying the place for three days, long how suitable area was identified and the bridge was constructed under the supervision of great shilpakar Nal. This is because they are pure travelogues and does not have story telling or poetic elements in them. Is it opensource or has a proper documentation of the calculation it performs? Isnt filtering a very delicate and dangerous process.

Rigveda to Robotics Scientific Dating of Vedic and Ramayan Era


By noting a particular arrangement of the astronomical bodies, which occurs once in many thousand years, the dates of the events can be calculated. Bhujle, using high-tech tool of important dates of tirumala where the astronomical events in the. Astronomical dating on the other hand has no such problems!

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  1. Luv and Kush grew in his ashram as his disciples.
  2. Why should we do any filtering?
  3. Apart from the epic itself how can we prove it as of now?

Anybody can have a simple glance in the blog and can assess it for themselves. And the rest is history, as the saying goes, since if the birth parituclars itself are inaccurate to such an extent, it is futile to go into other details! Vashikaran Mantra To Control Husband. Out of the entire thriving society, just the pyramids have survived.

And those for the Kali are otherwise. The precedence of the Ramayanic era to that of the Mahabharat can therefore be inferred. Todd he gave me hope and began to do some work for me to bring my boyfriend back and to bring balance in my life.

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Jupiter above the horizon Sky Chart The observations made, when entered into Planetarium software gives us the above Sky Chart, which in turns gives forth the below mentioned date. This is the most wide and far-reaching cave in Sri Lanka. Is it excessive geo-engineering, is it an experiment, is it an experiment gone wrong, is it manipulation for good or bad or both?

This is the main cause for all the confusion. So yrs of kaliyuga may be less. It should be noted that the ancient Indians had a prefect method of time measurement.

These oral scripts are not very reliable. But it is for sure, he never changed the shape of his body from atom to universe as stated in local superstitions. Because, since most of our texts are poetic in nature, the poet might have used exaggerations to suit the entertainment requirements of the contemporary readers. Personally, I have no doubt that Lord Ram walked the earth with all his divine glory.


Your blog was absolutely fantastic! Each Yuga spans roughly to years. We all believe that Ram Setu was built by Shri Ram. The confusion is because of the yuga cycles applied for universal cycles and the yuga cycle used to represent history are same.

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These dates of dating done. So how is astronomical dating done? The reason for me saying its not monkeys because vanara is the focus word in Ramayana. The wonderful thing about the Ramayana is that when Valmiki wrote the epic, he made it idiot-proof.

There is no second question about it. It could carry at least three passengers. After reading the above statement in a recent newspaper article, I could easily conclude that destiny of Lord Rama as a myth is more or less sealed for ever. By the way, if String theory is correct, and I believe it is, online dating platforms then there is no place for uncertainty any more.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The span of nakshatras streched from Pushya to Shravan, that is from deg. The northern bank of Ganga was the southern border of Kosala kingdom.

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